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reikiWe here at Infinite Healing Energies like to spread the word about LOVE and PEACE. Our business is full of exciting products and services to do just that! Ranging from our delicious 100% beeswax essential oil candles to gorgeous mind, body, soul and aura balancing vibrational mists, crystals, bookings and much more. We also stock a wide variety of range of inspirational DVDs, books and music CD's to sooth and educate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of each and every part of your being!

We believe in sharing this true beauty of life with all of you. There is so much more to this lifestyle we tend to live, lithan just going to work, paying your bills and running around doing things for everybody else!!!! It's time to do something that really MATTERS in life - something to nurture and nourish YOURSELF!! :) 

Our sessions and packages do just exactly that! From CRYSTAL REIKI to VIBRATIONAL THERAPIES, TRANSFORMATIONAL MIND ALTERING ENERGETIC WORK and much more, these ancient energetic hands on healing techniques are all about bringing a state of balance, love and peace ( just to name a few) back into multiple areas of your life, from work, home relationships, anything that you would like to work on. Our Energetic techniques work by re-balancing the body's energy flow and re-programming old, out-dated maybe even negative or fear driven thought process's opening and empowering Your Energy centres (CHAKRAS) to work at their optimum levels... Resulting in removal of blockages (some of which may have been built up for years); physical pain, stress, emotional worries and an inability to move forward.

In conjunction with our healing work we also stock, use and provide much needed energetic/ motivational/spiritual support products for you to take home and keep the positive changes and energy alive! :) 

About Nancy

Nancy began her spiritual initiation to this role in helping to heal, evolve, transform and awaken her fellow soul brother and sisters. She recieved a message that "We are all here to shine the light of our divine presence, knowledge, unconditional Healing and  love to one another and assist each other in reaching our true potential". "Just imagine the infinitely limitless dreams and opportunities awaiting you to start living in your power, taking charge and allowing  these to be your world and reality!" .NB.

Nancy's Qualifications:
  • Forensic Healer
  • Theta Healing
  • REIKI Usui and Seichem Master
  • Breakthrough Vibrational Practitioner
  • Tibetan Bowl and Sound Therapist
  • Crystal Light Healing Bed Facilitator
  • TFH (International Kinesiology College)
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Isis Lotus Ancient Healing Practitioner
  • Crystal/Colour /Light Therapist
  • Oracle/Angel card Healer
  • Crystal Dreaming Facilitator
Healing therapies make the perfect gift to show you care. Speak to our team about a gift voucher for a tailored service to help transform the lives of your loved ones.
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